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My love shall last 'til death do me part
For thee, ye children of my heart


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The Gargoyle
I had no face yet I could see. From the black pit which was my home, I saw it – a flaring white angel in the black heavens above. Never before did I realize there could be an above or a below, but when I saw the beams of the angel tunneling toward me through the darkness, it suddenly made sense. The angel spoke no words, yet I could feel its ethereal call, beckoning my soul to it. It only occurred to me then that I had a soul, and that it was deep inside me and a wholly separate thing from me, and that it wanted out.
Then I realized I had a body, and that this body was not me just as my soul was not me, and yet strangely both were woven into my existence at that moment, for my body, too, wanted out, and as a result my mind was made manifest with thoughts, and sought ways to escape the pit.
The beams of the angel illuminated strange shapes all around me. I could just barely perceive that these shapes were faces, each one different but all of them leering and grinning upon me.
:iconjoerb:JoeRB 4 6
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The Wonderful Throne
    Long ago, in the land of Mmar, there stood a wondrous city called Yarkand. With its golden domes and colorful marble, it was renowned as an opulent crown of that grey mountain region. Its citizens lived long and prosperous lives, for they were always gifted with mineral wealth from the earth. As a result, they dedicated much of their time to the arts, constructing some of the finest wonders in all the world, and of these wonders, none were greater than the throne of King Gyur, fashioned from a meteor of unknown substance which fell from the stars one fateful night. This throne was as a constellation festooned with brightly-colored nebulae, filling the hall with sidereal splendor. So grateful was the king that he sang hymns in honor of the divine seat, and the whole of the city sang with him, and all the region of Mmar. However, for reasons which vary among accounts – greed in some and malevolent spirits in others – King Gyur went mad for his throne and transfo
:iconjoerb:JoeRB 10 22
I have recently contributed some of my lake monsters drawings for a show called "Indians and Aliens" which compares Indigenous beliefs and folklore with modern stories of cryptids and aliens., My artworks represent the creature called Misiginebig.

The episode with my art is season 2 episode 4.

Sadly, I can't watch the show from my geographic location, so I'm counting on you to tell me if it is as cool as it sounds!:D
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Your art showed up in a Drawfee video at around 10:57
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Cool:D Thanks for letting me know.
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